Benefits of learning the salsa dance

You only need a passion to see this dream come to pass. In this regard, this article looks at the many benefits that accompany learning and practicing the salsa dance.


Pair dancing salsaIt takes some time to master salsa moves. As such, during your first training session do not be intimidated. The experts you see having the complicated footwork, and magical movements were once like you. The beauty of salsa dance is that irrespective of the level you are in, you have your share of happiness and fun. For that case, it is advisable that you enjoy every learning step, as salsa is just fun regardless of your learning level.

Improves coordination and memory

At no particular point will you be required to dance in a particular way unless you are performing a show. As such, once you get the rhythm of the song you have an obligation to make moves that fit that song as fast as possible. This applies mostly to men as they are the leaders during the dance. One is also required to combine moves that rhyme. As such, one is bound to memorize combination of steps that are appropriate for every scenario thus improving coordination.

You get to learn and listen to great music

Music must be played in any salsa dancing class. As such, throughout the dancing sessions, you will have an opportunity to learn and listen to great music. You also get to learn of modern and classical salsa songs with time. This makes salsa dances a good platform for learning and listening to great music.


As compared to other hobbies, salsa dance is relatively cheap unless you are the extravagant type. During the dancing sessions, you may require a drink, which you may not even take as you, will be busy with the dance moves. You may also need to buy some equipment and of course training fee but this is not much is you are passionate about salsa dance.

Common fear and excuses

Many people shy off from joining salsa classes because of personal fears. However, this should not be the case as anyone can learn salsa dance. Below are common fears.

Poor coordinationwomen dancing ballet in silhouette

Are you afraid that your coordination may let you down? If yes, then you are very wrong. In a salsa class, you learn to coordinate everything with time. However, for some people this may take more time, but ultimately everyone learns coordination. Therefore, whether old or young, and have a problem with coordination you can lay assured that you will learn salsa dance with time.


This is another common excuse among many people. Many people feel shy especially when dancing with the opposite gender. However, with time, you learn to be free with your classmates. That way, you gain confidence to interact with members of the opposite sex.