How To Ride Bikes In Winter Time

It’s hard to ride around with your bike because it is winter time. This is the time of the year that you need to keep yourself safe and warm. You need to get a bike that fits your requirements. The following are some useful tips that will help you in riding your bike in this season of the year.

Road Conditions.

The roads we use in winter are the same as the ones we utilize in the summer season though they are full of snow and ice. Butdfrhgvthg the snowplows can be used to remove snow and ice from the roads when there is a snow storm.

When riding on slippery roads, riders should slow down and ride steady. Avoid spin-outs on slick surfaces by braking on the rear wheel only.

You should be keen and watchful on the road as cars are not aware of bikers in the winter season. Winter is accompanied with flat light, and early sunset and you share the road with motor vehicles. Make sure you make eye contact with the car drivers while driving and defensively ride your belt drive folding bike. You can also wear bright colored reflective jackets as they are available in many different colors. Also, remember to buy high-quality lights which may have a rear helmet light and a bright flashing rear light.

Consider Changing The Tires

You would want to stay on the road steady; by there is a challenge when you are using tires that are speedy fast and ultra-smooth road tires. At this time of the year, you will be more vulnerable to punctures as there is more debris on the road. So, before the season begins, buy winter rubbers. You should go for a kevlar lining and thicker tread.

Keep It Clean

fgvrgtEnsure you keep your bike clean when riding in the winter season. You should store your belt drive folding bike in the garage. The bike should be kept cold as room temperature kept bikes can cause ice to form on the gears and brakes more quickly than a cool bike.

Warm Hands And Feet

Wear bifurcated lobster-style hand wear and mittens as they will keep your fingers warmer because the fingers are close together compared to gloves. Utilize platform pedals with advancing tread for a better grip as you crank although in the coldest days you can use winter boots as they are the best. You can wear bike shoes if the temperature is 20 degrees and above.